Teepees, Movie, and Pjs 10th Birthday

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Lights, Camera, Pajamas: Inside Gabriella’s Magical 10th Birthday Movie Night!

Upon arrival, guests were immediately immersed in Gabriella’s dreamy teepee movie and PJ-themed 10th birthday celebration. They were welcomed by a charming table featuring a mini teepee adorned with vibrant flowers, alongside escort cards that hinted at the magical evening ahead. Steps away, a glamorous pink carpet set the scene for star-studded photo opportunities, complete with authentic movie theater stanchions, plush pink velvet ropes, and a striking round backdrop. This enchanting photo zone was brought to life with sheer curtains, a glowing neon sign bearing Gabriella’s name, and a captivating balloon arch, perfectly setting the stage for a night of whimsy and wonder.

Concession Stand: Guests were treated to a delightful concession stand that brought the movie experience to life with the aroma of fresh-popped popcorn, warm, delicious pretzels, and nachos served with creamy cheese dip. The stand also featured a selection of Gabriella’s favorite chocolates, adding a personal touch to the array of snacks.

Girls’ Movie Area: The heart of the celebration was the movie area, where Gabriella’s friends, all dressed in pink pajamas, were welcomed. This cozy cinema featured a big screen for the movie magic and special lace teepees for each guest. Inside each teepee, a comfortable mattress, plush pillows, and a personal dinner tray with menu cards awaited, all under the gentle glow of fairy lights and floral decorations. Gabriella’s teepee took center stage, adorned with a stunning balloon arrangement and featuring a custom sign along with a glowing marquee number “10” to mark the occasion. The area was further enchanted with sheer curtains, twinkling lights, and flowers, creating a dreamy ambiance.

Moms’ Area: The moms, also in theme with pink pajamas, enjoyed their own special space. A beautifully decorated long table set with elegant flower arrangements, balloons, gold charger plates, and custom menu cards offered a refined dining experience. This area allowed the moms to savor their dinner and engage in conversation while the girls were engrossed in the movie.

Dinner: Culinary delights were tailored to both the girls and the moms. The girls indulged in a plated sampler featuring all of Gabriella’s favorite dishes, while the moms were treated to a sophisticated buffet menu, ensuring everyone enjoyed a meal to remember.

Grand Sweets Area: The sweets display was a feast for the eyes as well as the palate, set against a gorgeous themed backdrop adorned with balloons. Pink and gold cylinders showcased an assortment of cookies and Gabriella’s preferred movie box candies. The centerpiece was the grand cake, a stunning embodiment of the party’s theme, tying together the sweet celebration.

Favors: As the night unfolded, each guest was treated to a delightful personalized surprise – a customized pink Stanley cup bearing their name. These chic and practical mementos added an extra touch of charm to the celebration, ensuring that the magic of Gabriella’s 10th birthday lingered on even after the final credits rolled.

Bags: To carry home the memories, each guest received a custom bag adorned with Gabriella’s party logo. These stylish bags were the perfect vessel for storing the array of treats and treasures collected throughout the night, making sure the magic of the celebration continued long after the last guest bid farewell.

Amazing Vendors:

-Opulent Celebrations: Planning and Design | Invitations | Signage | Custom Stationery | Sweets display and backdrop | Pink carpet | Neon sign | Backdrops | All printed items | Custom Graphics
-Venue: Stanton Ridge Golf and Country Club
-Cake: Carlos’ Bakery
-Balloons: Phillipsburg Ballon Charmers
-Custom cookies: Sweet Celebrations by Natalie

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