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Unwrap the joy with our specially crafted children’s favors! Each cellophane bag, a holographic delight tied with a satin ribbon bow, holds a mix of whimsy and sweetness. From adorable donut plushies to cute ice cream cups and ice cream/donut tattoos, the fun doesn’t stop. A reusable straw with a donut seal adds a touch of magic, making these favors the perfect treat for the little ones.

For the adult guests, we presented a perfect blend of sophistication and sweetness. Clear cups, custom-stickered, reveal pastel tissue paper cradling a Dunkin Donut gift card—an invitation to indulge. All wrapped in a cellophane holographic baggie, tied with a satin bow, reusable straw, and thank you tag, each favor is a sip of delight.

Now let’s dive into the heart of this beautiful celebration, where every detail has been carefully designed to weave a tapestry of whimsy:

  • Custom Awning Sign and Backdrop: Welcoming guests with a personalized awning sign and backdrop, set the stage for a unique experience. Flags with names and table numbers added a delightful touch to escort guests to their seats.
  • Welcome Sign: A warm and grand welcome was extended to all, setting the tone for the joyous celebration that awaited.
  • Custom Gable Boxes: Custom gable boxes were available to tuck away all the amazing treats, taking home a tangible reminder of the whimsical moments shared at our event.
  • Custom Sweet Signage: Immerse yourself in this sweet theme with custom-designed signage featuring delectable donuts, ice cream, and charming scenes, creating an ambiance that resonates with sweetness all throughout the party.
  • Children’s Coloring Pages: Little ones found joy in these custom-designed coloring pages, designed to spark creativity and add a playful element to the celebration.
  • Hanging Birthday Banner: A festive atmosphere hung in the air with a birthday banner adorned with ribbons, donuts, and ice cream cutouts, creating a visual delight for all.
  • Custom Table Numbers: Elegance in simplicity—donut-shaped table numbers nestled in white frames, adding a touch of charm to each guest’s designated table.
  • Arch-Shaped Menus: The feast was not just for the taste buds but also for the eyes with arch-shaped menus featuring whimsical donut cutouts that stood out on top.
  • Custom Water Bottle Labels: Quenching thirst in style, we created water bottles custom labels, seamlessly integrating with the overall theme.
  • Bagel Station and Donut Flavor Menus: Small yet impactful, these menus guided guests through the delightful array of bagels and donut flavors.
  • Ice Cream Shop Lawn Sign: Nestled by the ice cream truck, the lawn sign invited guests to indulge in frozen delights with its charming presence.
  • Sweets Station Backdrop: The pièce de résistance—a backdrop that stole the spotlight, transforming the sweets station into a visual masterpiece.

In this crafted wonderland, every element tells a story, creating memories that linger as sweetly as the treats themselves.

Love this theme?

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  1. Such attention to detail! Beautiful decor and design. I loved everything about this party but my favorite was the personalized donuts for the seating! Great job to you and your team Yvette! Stunning!

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